Abdul Salim Kochi

An Indian Watercolor Painter. Born and living in Kochi Kerala. His paintings were inspired by the impressions and reflections of his experiences and insight. 

He has won many National and International Awards and Accolades in Watercolor Painting and Cartooning . He bagged the State Award for Cartoon by Kerala Lalithakala Akademi in 2010 . Then again in 2010 won the Gold medal for watercolor painting by Kerala Lalithakala Akademi.

He is the recipient of eleven plus accolades that includes acclaimed National Awards and International Recognitions like:

2012 : Of 218 World Water Colorists whose works were published in 'International Water Color Society Magazine'; Mr. Abdul Salim Kochi was chosen among the 11 selected Indians.   

2013 : 5 time Winner of Vidhyarangam Award by Educational Department including that of 2013.  

2010: State Award for Best Cartoonist by Kerala Lalithakala Akademi including Gold Medal for Watercolor Painting.

2006 : Award by Camel Art Foundation for Water Color Painting at National Level.

2005 : State Awards for Best Caricature and Cartoon by Kerala Cartoon Academy.  

Though Watercolor is his forte, he works with Acrylics and Oils as well, mainly on Abstract themes.

The paintings were inspired by the Artist’s impressions and reflections of his experiences and insight. These artworks chronicle the artist’s emotional journey, culminating in hope and the nostalgic feelings towards the loosing greeneries of his homeland.